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Our Partners

First Wave Wellness participates in special partnerships with business and referral partners who support health and wellness.

Referral partners include businesses that have provided referrals to First Wave Wellness and may have also received referrals from us as well. 

FarmDaddy®: A Self-Watering Garden Container that makes it EASY to grow a garden & produce healthy food without weeding & hand watering! Low Cost, Easy to Maintain, Conserves Water, Works in Small Spaces, 24/7 Hydration Maximizes Plant Growth/Productivity.

What can I grow?

Virtually ANYTHING can be grown in a FarmDaddy®!

Vegetables, herbs, fruit, perennials, flowers, wheatgrass, root crops...YOU NAME IT!

Even small fruit trees can be started in a FarmDaddy® for later transplant.  Tomatoes do exceptionally well.


As a certified referral partner, you can receive discounts and free offers. Discount code changes frequently, so please check back to learn about the latest discount offer or follow us on social media!


Visit to learn more information or to purchase and use the code below to get your discount on a FarmDaddy container.


Discount code: WAVE10

Interested in partnering?

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