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7-Day Get Ready for Summer Detox Program

Seven days to a healthier, happier you!

Is your diet feeling a bit out of control? How are those sugar cravings? Are you getting enough rest? Feeling like you could lose a few pounds?


Try our 7-Day Summer Detox program for a safe and effective detox. Our detox programs are not about depriving you of certain foods. We just substitute the bad unhealthy foods with whole foods that are packed with nutrients that nourish the body's most important detoxifying organs - liver, lungs, kidneys, and colon. 

  • The 7-Day Summer Detox program begins Sunday, June 20th.

  • Give yourself at least 5 days to read materials, grocery shop and remove some of the unhealthy foods suggested in our detox guide so that you gently ease yourself into this cleanse.

What you will receive:
  • A Summer Detox guidebook that includes:

    • Benefits of detoxing

    • Foods to avoid and foods to include in your detox

    • Suggested daily menu with easy recipes and grocery list

    • Suggestions for detoxing your environment and post-detox tips

  • ​Daily tips and support through a private Facebook group

A detox plan may not be for everyone. If you have chronic health conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, or an eating disorder it is crucial to consult your physician before modifying your diet. Please talk to your physician to determine whether a seven-day detox cleanse is right for you.

Questions? Click the button below or call us at 321.804.6332.

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