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Our Partners

First Wave Wellness participates in partnerships and referral partners with businesses that support
health and wellness.

Referral partners include businesses that have provided referrals to 

First Wave Wellness and may have also received referrals from us as well. 

Care Advantage is a medspa and wellness solutions center located in the historic district of Merritt Island, FL. Care Advantage provides a new approach to improving one’s overall health and well-being with more personalized programs. Their practice uses a combination of medical and non-medical treatments to restore your energy, youthfulness, improve your skin, relieve chronic conditions, reduce stress, and restore your body and mind to a more healthful state of being.

First Wave Wellness is excited to announce that we will be offering health coaching services as part of their overall wellness solutions. Our philosophies regarding holistic therapies are complementary and we are looking forward to helping Care Advantage clients reach their health goals!


What services are available?


All First Wave Wellness clients receive discounts from our partners!

Contact us for more info. 

Other Partners:


Interested in partnering?

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