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How to boost your immune system quickly and naturally.

Autumn festivities, autumn, fall family events

Autumn has arrived and this time of year can bring about some exciting transitions.

Cooler days, fall sports, and an ever-growing list of pumpkin-spiced recipes that may

serve as a welcomed distraction from the uncertainty and anxiety that has continued to

challenge us throughout the summer.

As we start to prepare ourselves for the upcoming holidays, it is also a good time to do everything we can to make sure we have a good healthy immune system. With COVID still hanging around and the potential for a second wave, we need to make sure that we get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat healthy whole foods.

Immunity can be affected by a wide range of factors such as fitness, genetic predispositions, and gut health. One of the most overlooked ways to boost immunity is through diet. There are quite a few natural foods that can help to balance your immune system and aid your immunity to function at its peak. Boosting your immunity can help you to reduce your chances of getting sick or have a much milder response when you do get ill.

We have put together a guide that lists the top 11 foods that will help boost your immunity.

Immune boosting foods, immune boosting guide

Make sure these foods are a big part of your life to support your immunity to increase your chances of fighting off viruses, colds, and the flu! Get your immune-boosting guide now.

Getting a flu shot is also recommended and encouraging others to do the same will help to conserve critical resources, such as PPE, ventilators, hospital beds, and more. The CDC has been working diligently with healthcare providers, as well as state and local health departments, to ensure that vaccinations are performed safely and that COVID-19 precautions are strictly followed at every location. The CDC also offers reputable information and answers to frequently asked questions. For more information about where and when you can get a flu vaccine this season, please visit

2020 has presented us with so many challenges already. Let us take control by being proactive with our health and not allow the seasonal flu or cold to put us “under the weather”.

Health coaching is found to be successful in identifying areas of imbalance and developing goals for sustainable lifestyle changes. Our health coach, Jackie Day, takes a comprehensive and holistic approach towards wellness, by addressing and establishing a balance with the many influences in your life. Whether your goal is to boost your energy, decrease stress, improve sleep, address poor nutrition choices, or manage your weight better, we will work together to create a customized Healthy Living Program to support you. Are you ready to start transforming your life and health? Sign up today for a complimentary consultation.

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