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The Next Big Fitness Trends for 2020

Wearable technology

As we start off making those 2020 resolutions, what generally comes to mind is losing weight and how we are going to accomplish this goal. While many fitness trends have remained consistent over recent years, there is always room for new products and services. Thanks to the digital fitness boom, getting a solid workout from virtually anywhere is possible as well as using the newest high-tech equipment and wearables to hit the market. There’s also a change in focus happening: Instead of just working out to get a six-pack, the mental benefits of exercise are equally important, if not more so, than the physical. Mindfulness, plant-based eating and health coaching are on the rise.

Below are the next big trends for 2020, according to ACSM trainers, that may help you discover a new way to reach your fitness goals.

  1. Health Coaching: Health Coaching is a growing trend that integrates behavioral science into health promotion and lifestyle programs. A health coach is an advocate with specialized training and expertise who can support people who want to improve their health and live a life of wellness using a one-on-one (and at times small group) approach providing support, goal setting, guidance, and encouragement.

  2. Personal Training: Personal training has always been a great way to overcome sticking points when trying to meet your fitness goals. Typically done in a gym setting, with today’s technology one can interact with their personal trainer virtually through the online video and apps, which can help for those with busy schedules.

  3. Wearable tech: Everyone by now has heard of Fitbit. Technology is evolving quickly with new products hitting the market every day, these include step counters, heart rate monitors, sleep monitors and weight loss apps.

  4. HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training is gaining popularity every year. HIIT programs involve short bursts of high intensity period of exercise followed by a short period of rest or active recovery. Programs can be tailored to beginners and still be effective. HIIT programs vary in their routines which keeps your workout routine fresh and exciting.

  5. Group: Group training has always been popular for those individuals wanting to exercise but who are unsure of what to do in a gym environment. Groups allow friends to workout together and make them feel more comfortable.

  6. Bodyweight training – Body weight training programs are all about using the weight of the body as the training modality. The TRX suspension trainer is one great example of a bodyweight trainer which allows you to train your entire body quickly and effectively nearly anywhere.

  7. Mindfulness and Plant-Based Eating: Mindfulness practice helps to manage anxiety and even depression. With the knowledge that we can use both mindfulness and exercise to help ease stress, people are now looking to harness both techniques. The time we spend recovering is just as important as our training. This refers to our state of mind, our sleep, stress levels as well as nutrition. And speaking of nutrition, there has been a shift to plant-based eating for the last few years and it is predicted that by 2040 only 40% of the global population will be eating meat. 35% will be consuming lab-grown meat, and 25% will be consuming vegan meat replacements. This trend is here to say.

One focus that remains constant through all the research we have studied is that fitness is all about convenience. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to get the results you want. First Wave Wellness offers fitness training programs both virtually and in-person that are uniquely designed with a primary focus on increasing lean mass, increasing core strength, balance/stability and improving ADL (Activities of Daily Living). Learn more about our fitness programs at and schedule a complimentary evaluation today!

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