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Meet March Partner Spotlight - FarmDaddy

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

First Wave Wellness is pleased to announce our partner spotlight for March, FarmDaddy®!

FarmDaddy logo

First Wave Wellness had the pleasure of meeting owner and creator of FarmDaddy, Randy Porter, at the Downtown Melbourne Botanical Festival held earlier this month. At that time, my husband and I were debating on whether we wanted to create our own raised garden bed or purchase a hydroponics system. As we walked from tent to tent admiring the beautiful flowers and herbs, we came across a gentleman who had the most beautiful crops of kale and romaine lettuce I had ever seen. These vegetables were literally growing out of a box about the size of a recycling bin. We inquired about his box and informed us that it was a self-watering garden container. He went on to tell us all the benefits of his creation, the FarmDaddy, and how easy it is to setup and maintain. There is no extra work needed (no digging, no weeding, no electricity) and is self-watering. All you need is either a garden hose or a rain barrel to hook up to the container. I can tell that we were sold. We bought three FarmDaddy’s that day, went home and started planting.

What can you grow?

Virtually ANYTHING can be grown in a FarmDaddy! Vegetables, herbs, fruit, perennials, flowers, wheatgrass, root crops, corn, you name it! Even small fruit trees can be started in a FarmDaddy for later transplant. Tomatoes do exceptionally well.

How does it work?

The FarmDaddy garden container provides each plant the precise amount of water it needs at the exact time it needs it. Each self-watering FarmDaddy container maintains optimal plant hydration 24/7 which maximizes plant growth potential. One box can be daisy chained to up to 600 boxes. Due to the bypass in each box, only the boxes that need water receive hydration. Interested in learning more of the mechanics? Visit How it Works on

As a health coach and fitness company, we are interested in partnering with businesses who share a common belief of healthy living. Growing your own vegetables is something that First Wave Wellness not only supports but encourages for our clients, friends, and family. With the amount of pesticides in traditional commercial vegetables and the rising costs of organic foods in grocery stores, it is THE best time to grow your own vegetables.

Purchase your FarmDaddy today online and enter discount code WAVE20 to receive a free bag of organic fertilizer with every FarmDaddy purchased.

First Wave Wellness participates in special partnerships with businesses and referral partners who support health and wellness. Our goal is to help others improve their health through mindset and behavior change. Interested? We want to hear from you.

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